APML ALL US Chapters Convention Report

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APML All US Chapters Convention

Saturday, May 16, 2015

@Kasra Persian Cuisine

Minutes Meeting


Jawed Siddiqi                                                          Usma Shahi

Nadeem Akhtar                                                        Shahrukh Siddiqui

Dr. Tasneem Agha                                                   Latif Chaudhry

Naim Sakhia                                                            Abdul Samad Khan

Jawed Mirza                                                            Barkat Ali

Alia Mirza                                                               Akhtar Noor

Uzma Nadeem

Rukhsana Farhat                                                   Mahjabeen Siddiqui


Starting Time: 10:40 AM

The convention started with the enthusiastic speech of the PM Pervez Musharraf on Skype. All the APML members were excited to listen to his speech.

PM greeted all the members and appreciated their efforts, they are putting forth to establish APML government. He especially thanked Maulana Ehtaram-ul-Haq for his presence at the occasion.

PM anticipated his visit to USA as soon as he is clear off the legal cases and he would get his check up here , although, his health issues are not alarming.

He then delineated the present situation in Pakistan and expressed his grief at the bad condition of it. He defined the responsibilities of the government as:

  1. Progress of the country
  2. Prosperity of the people

Unfortunately, nothing is being done since he had resigned in 2008. Dictatorship and Democracy are mere words.  The important steps are how to run any system, how much progress you make, how happy the people are, and what you do for your people. But the irony is that Nepotism and Corruption are at their peaks.

Earlier, the debt was $ 36 and a half billion which now has reached up to $75 billion.

Earlier Exchange Reserves were $13 billion, now has lowered to $ 5 billion. He wondered if this much money was consumed, why the major projects were not seen.

He talked about the political Dharna of Imran Khan and Maulana Tahir-ul-Qadri and appreciated the efforts as it brought awareness to the people of Pakistan for their rights and to stand for them but NO CHANGE could be seen unless there is a check and balance system. He suggested elections as the only way to bring a change. Any kind of cheating or trickery could be investigated.

He regretted that he was not at the front due to certain legal constraints but we, as APML team have to bring major changes and have to re-construct everything. If government of noble people comes, all is possible as people are looking forward to such changes and are ready to work hard.

He also mentioned that people living overseas are better than those who live in Pakistan so whatever the city they live in, they should gather more people and talk to them. They can also approach him; he would talk to them to work for APML.

In the end, he thanked and wished good luck to all the APML members.

Formal program started at 11:00 am.

Shahrukh Siddiqui (Sec. Gen. Dallas chapter) welcomed and greeted the guests.

Recitation of the Holy Verses:  Ali Siddiqui

Opening Speech: Pervaiz Mehmood (Sec. Gen. APML USA)

He was optimistic that APML would get some benefits out of this 2nd Convention being held at Dallas. He also proposed to give everyone a chance to speak that day. He opened his heart by saying that we all know where we stand today and gave the reference of Pervaiz Musharraf’s that although, he was fine in Dubai but he decided to go to Pakistan to give his people a better life, knowingly, that he would face hard times there. In return what did he get: he was disqualified- The one who ruled the country earlier.

He was a commando so did he prove.

Pervaiz Mehmood said that he could foresee a better and bright future of APML. A great number of people are joining us and very soon the corrupt government would fall. He then put forth few suggestions as follows:

  • Ø What is our role? We need to spread the word around in US.
  • Ø Whatever the State/City we live in, we have to expand APML membership.
  • Ø Expand inside your chapter. Sign in more members.
  • Ø Do we need funding? Yes! But it could be done only when it gets legal and approved. Documents are submitted so will soon get it.
  • Ø APML is a real organization, real job, and a real work.
  • Ø We need to work as a team: Stay contacted and communicated.
  • Ø Personal opinions: Discuss all the issues together.






v Syed Ayaz – Chicago

He greeted and thanked the audience and discussed the following:

  • Ø He touched a very serious issue: we Pakistanis face problems due to illiteracy. He believes, it does not come from uneducated people but educated ones without training. Corruption comes more from literate people as poor cannot afford it. So he emphasized that Mothers of our nation should raise good children for the betterment of the country.
  • Ø Unity is Power: America is united although having 50 separate states but our ONE country is divided into many provinces. Mental growth, cooperation, and tolerance are required among our people.
  • Ø If Benazir can rule twice and Nawaz Shariff can come thrice, Why not Pervaiz Musharaff?


v Naumaan Hussain – Houston Chapter Head

  • Ø He was glad to be among the distinguished members of APML. He expressed his emotions that although, we all are here in US but our hearts are still in Pakistan so we want to see our nation progressed.
  • Ø He highlighted Pervaiz Musharaff’s qualities as :
  1. Experience
  2. Credibility
  3. Plan

On the basis of these Pervaiz Musharaff can take us to the destination.

v Sajid Shah – Maryland

He assured that we cannot let Pakistan out of our hearts. We are with Pervaiz Musharaf and will always help him as they have already started establishing APML.


v Dr. Tasneem Agha – President Women Wing, Dallas Chapter

  • Ø She welcomed all the guests and stated that by attending this convention, everyone has proved unity which strengthens our hope. We, overseas are example for the people in Pakistan that if we can work for APML here, why cannot people there in Pakistan can.
  • Ø She then stressed that although honest people are punished but very soon this trend would be demolished. Even if there is lack of education, there is plenty of information, knowledge, and awareness.
  • Ø APML is progressing day by day. Our leader had verbal abuse, physical chances, but he survived. I take pride in announcing that I made a right choice by joining APML.


v Jawed Mirza – Dallas

  • Ø He considered himself a true patriot and down-to-earth person. He conveyed that people in Pakistan are hopeless but we have a Messiah, a ray of hope to look forward.
  • Ø There are so-called leaders who had embarrassed us in the entire world but Pervaiz Musharaf- an honest and spotless person can bring that name back. India has learned a lot through his plan and policies.
  • Ø He mesmerized the audience with the beautiful choice of the poetic verses, he read enthusiastically.


v Dr. Sarfraz – Dallas

  • Ø He mentioned that he has joined APML recently.
  • Ø He is from Balochistan and people there had very good impression about Pervaiz Musharaf as they believed that the level the country progressed to was the highest one during his rule.
  • Ø There is no accountability seen for any action.
  • Ø He inquired if PM would be able to implement his plan in the elections. If he could not win, what is next then?
  • Ø In this convention, we need to know what we can contribute.
  • Ø He wished everyone the best.


v Naeem Sakhia – Dallas

  • Ø He stared his speech with a very important question:

‘Why are we hopeless?’

To find the answer to this, we need to go back to the past. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.

  • Ø Democracy is defined as a way to reach the destination. Our country was established in the name of religion but democracy is abused here.
  • Ø Personally, we hear that leaders are corrupt but people are good. We need to accept our faults. If we choose someone, we need to think.
  • Ø Every Nation needs an introduction. We decide what name we want, and then prove it. We chose, “Pakistan ka matlab kia – La Ilaha Ilallah’ but then gave the rule in one person’s hand.
  • Ø Dr. Allam Iqbal dreamt and asked Jinnah to lead. We also need to find such a leader.
  • Ø Our nation has neither education nor direction, only a crowd. We need to convince people what they have to offer or to do for Pakistan.
  • Ø We need practicality and change the direction by training our people. We have to urge trained people to come forth. We have so many standard exams in our country like CSS. Why cannot we set any standards for the people who join the parliament?
  • Ø Before voting, ask the candidates,” How was your past, because I am giving my future in your hands.”
  • Ø Freedom of speech was given to Media by Musharaf but it should be used in a positive way. We require the right people and the better ways.


v Qasim – Youth Wing Coordinator, South Jersey

He also was enthusiastic to work for the APML and expressed his passion for it.


15 minutes break was taken here to rejuvenate the members.


v Usma Shahi – Coordinator, Dallas Chapter

  • Ø She manifested her expression by declaring Pervaiz Musharaf as an honest and a gallant leader. What he says, he does, and he did in the past. He was one of those or the only one who actually did something for the nation.
  • Ø His words were not mere words as his “Actions speak louder than his words”.
  • Ø National Growth rate in his regime can be observed. It is crystal clear.
  • Ø She recited two poetic verses as a tribute to Pervaiz Musharaf and APML members.


v Sqd. Ldr. ( Retd.) Ansar Ahmed – NYC


  • Ø He was a gallant pilot and proved his acts of bravery during the wars of 1965 and 1971. He was one of those two pilots who in 1971 retaliated to a missile boats attack by causing extensive damage through a single B-57 attack on Okha naval base in India. The missile boat attacks on Pakistani naval installations ceased thereafter.
  • Ø Now, our national security is not fighting a common war. They know now, Pakistan is strong. Musharaf had taken strong steps.
  • Ø Fourth Generation war- Terrorism. When we are given aid by US, we are warned, not to do anything against India. Unless, we stand for the nation, we cannot progress.
  • Ø If Pakistan is still there, it is because of Pakistani gallant Fauj.





v Shahid Khan – Dallas


  • Ø He condemned the act of terrorism of the bus attack carrying the Ismailes as its passengers.
  • Ø He stated that Dallas Chapter is like a family and we don’t find leaders like Pervaiz Musharaf. The way he works, Pakistan will progress.



v Abdul Samad – Dallas

  • Ø He declared that he is a die fan of PM because of his qualities and his honesty is the key to all characteristics.
  • Ø He read his poem dedicated to Pervaiz Musharaf.


v Syed Sadiq – New Jersy

  • Ø He claimed not to be an orator but expressed his feelings in a lighter mood.



NOTE: Open choice for comments was given to all the APML members.




v Ali Siddiqui, Dallas: He read a poem dedicated to PM.


v Barkat Basiria, Dallas:

  • Ø He responded by saying that we do believe in hope but there should be a strategy to be implemented.
  • Ø We are settled here in US, so we need to build a power here. Benazir Bhutto entered US ministry and used that power to rule in Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif got that power from Saudi Arabia.
  • Ø He considered Ayub Khan and Pervaiz Musharaf, the best rulers


v Majeed Khan – Chicago;

  • Ø He regretted those times when he thought that he had lost his identity in US as Pakistan was considered as a corrupt country.
  • Ø Pervaiz Musharaf restored that good name and I got my recognition. Since then, I admire PM.

v Yawar Naqwi – Youth coordinator, New Jersy:

  • Ø He emphasized on the importance of speaking our National language, Urdu in US. He regretted at sharing that few people take pride in boasting that they do not speak their own language anymore.



v Ehtaram-ul-Haq Thanvi sahib:


  • Ø He spell-bound everyone with his eloquent speech during the convention.
  • Ø He said that the people die of different reasons but the nations die only of ONE reason. i.e., when people cannot differentiate between a diamond and a stone or they cannot separate the wheat from the chaff.
  • Ø To err is human – If we make mistake and fix it, it’s human act.
  • Ø If we try to justify our mistakes, it demolishes everything.
  • Ø He gave the reference of Mrs. Indra Ghandi when she spoke at the time of Partition of Bengal. She said, “ We are not happy to divide Pakistan in East and West but to demolish the Two-Nation Theory.”
  • Ø He then added that he was happy to join APML and takes it like his family.


Lunch break was taken for 45 minutes


After lunch break the members were eager to listen to The President- Dallas Chapter and the President – All US APML Chapters


v Javed Siddiqi – President- Dallas Chapter:


  • Ø He again thanked everyone’s presence in the convention and agreed with Barkat Basisria’s idea of establishing power here in USA.
  • Ø He mentioned that PM himself is taking care of everything whereas people should help him.
  • Ø Team should suggest him to delegate few responsibilities.
  • Ø People like him, appreciates him but he needs an organization. One man cannot work everywhere.
  • Ø We should find cooperative people; even silent X- politicians can be offered to join APML.
  • Ø We lack strong and active people.
  • Ø We need to address and establish proper team and to work together.
  • Ø We might disagree with each other but should not hold any grudges against each other.
  • Ø He appreciated the APML teams in US who are like families.
  • Ø He stressed on expanding US Chapter.
  • He said if Adil Shah permits, we can start APML in Oklahoma, Austen and St. Antonio where we will be able to find good people.



v Adil Shah – The Key- Note Speaker:


  • Ø He started his speech by thanking Ehtatram-ul-Haq sahib.
  • Ø He then put forth a question usually asked by the people.

“Was Pervaiz Musharaf”s decision of going back to Pakistan right or wrong?”

  • Ø He had to go because he was clear in his mind and was dedicated.
  • Ø How the party was established? Rome was not built in a day.
    • Ideology
    • Person bringing that Ideology
    • His character

Pervaiz Musharaf proved through his character that he cares for the layman. He knew the hardships he was going to face but still went back to defend his people. Only a dedicated leader could do this.

  • Ø Political View: PM did not believe in any Communism or Marxism. He had a clear view with solid promises. He believes that a logical thinking does not need any slogans.
  • Ø APML USA: If we have critical mass, base or strong structure, we can achieve our goals. If you find any productive people, pull them in. We can help in Pakistan as well if we are invited. We should strengthen US chapters and synchronize them.
  • Ø Administrative Issue: We are planning to have our 3rd Convention in the month of October or November in either Houston or Chicago.


In the end open forum for Question and Answer session started.


All the APML members shared their ideas and suggestions in this session.

  • If we can start a campaign to vote overseas people in Pakistan?
  • Can we launch an APML TV station?
  • Can we make different videos and send them to different channels?
  • How can we build a bridge between the people in US and Pakistan?
  • We should have our own outlet. We can make YouTube Channel directional.
  • Ø Maulana Ehtaram-ul-Haq Sahib concluded the Convention with his DUA emphasizing on two important aspects: The beginning and The End.



The Convention was adjourned at 3:40 P.M.












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