Crisis of the Day

No matter how hard the media may try to defend the CJ, who would ever believe that the CJ did not even notice that his son, an ordinary doctor, was quickly growing rich under his nose? Malik Riaz presents that “Arsalan was trying to black mail him”. It is ticklish! -a person like Malik Riaz, an overwhelmingly influential business tycoon, can ever be black mailed by an ordinary individual like Arsalan regardless of him being son of the CJ.

So many variables have been shot out at once!

I guess President Musharraf could simply say at this point “see…. I had told you so”. Since the CJ never cleared himself the Judicial Commission of 2007, the same case came back haunting him with more mass. The CJ was give an opportunity. If he had followed a simple procedure by dealing with the reference, the country would have not suffered gravely as it did in the past four years. Some say that President Musharraf lost his presidency because of the movement. I think it is other way around; it is the country which lost its gravitational force in past four years than President Musharraf.

May God protect our identity- Pakistan.


June 9, 2012

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