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Pakistan’s strength lies in its people. It is a nation poised for tremendous change and progress, benefited by a fusion of cultures, ethnicities and perspectives characteristic of a diverse society. APML not only understands this unique advantage, but actively seeks to aid the people in their efforts to strengthening Pakistan’s nationhood. Pakistan is, and always shall be, one nation, but much work needs to be done to make it a strong one.

Under the current leadership, civil society continues to deteriorate, with the country’s economic, political and security state floundering in the wake of individuals taking the helm of government, despite lacking any qualifications to truly govern. Pakistan is at a crossroads, with its success hinging on the need for visionary leadership.

For APML, that visionary leadership resides in Pervez Musharraf, a leader who can seamlessly piece together the extraordinary tribes and ethnic communities that construct Pakistan as a whole. A leader supported by a team of competent, passionate and effective individuals that understand policymaking, economics, and above all – empathy for the people of Pakistan. The current leadership however, far from genuinely understanding and building the morale of the people, has instead honed its expertise in causing even greater fractures in the tapestry of the nation.

Through APML, under the leadership of Pervez Musharraf, the country can once again rise above the discord and reach its potential as an exemplary sovereign. Pervez Musharraf, a leader possessing unimpeachable character, remarkable capability, and the courage to truly stand up for Pakistan, can lead the nation to success, both at home and in the international community. Under Pervez Musharraf, Pakistan witnessed concrete steps toward peace and economic prosperity. Those steps need to be taken again.

APML’s US Chapter is focused on developing support for Pakistan’s future from the Pakistanis settled in the United States. By increasing awareness of Pakistan’s political and economic needs, we provide platforms for Pakistani-Americans to learn about and discuss the future of Pakistan.  We seek to have the community in the U.S. discuss these views with their counterparts in Pakistan with the goal of developing a sustainable political future.

The critical component in this outreach is to help develop a political voice for the middle class in Pakistan; the sector that represents professionals, students, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and so many more. If they do not speak for themselves and for rights of their country, then they are leaving the political space open for those who speak the loudest, whether they are qualified or not. If they do not move forward to create change in the political atmosphere of Pakistan, they are leaving the doors open for corruption and incompetence – two qualities that Pakistan can no longer bear.

As Pakistani-Americans, we are aware that perhaps the American political leadership does not fully understand the underlying political issues of Pakistan. We also know that that they are often unable to clearly explain American expectations to Pakistanis. There is no doubt of a knowledge gap, made more difficult by a communication gap. Despite generous American assistance to Pakistan and Pakistan’s reciprocity, both nations are in a space of distrust and unease with each other. This paradoxical engagement must be remedied.

At APML-US we are striving toward a relationship between the US and Pakistan that is based on mutual trust and understanding. We know that the relationship is critical for regional and global security, peace and the prosperity of Pakistan. And we know that the Pakistani-American community must play a pivotal role in this process.

Adeel A. Shah, President APML-US

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