Press Release 1.27.2012

APML Press Release dated 27-1-12

DUBAI:  An emergency meeting of core committee of APML took place today to deliberate on the question of its President’s return to Pakistan on 29th of January, 2012. The members of the committee were unanimous that after 8th January, 2012 when President Pervez Musharraf made a public announcement at a public meeting held in Karachi that he would return to Pakistan in the month of January, the political circumstances have dramatically changed in the country. The committee took cognizance of the changed circumstances in the country and proposed that Former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf should delay his return to Pakistan keeping in view the changed political scenario in the country.

Committee was of the view that if Former President were to stick to his earlier announcement regarding his return to Pakistan, it will be beneficial to political opponents in the country. The government which has bogged down in court cases and failure of the government both in the economic and political field, would try to wriggle out of this situation by deviating the attention of the people of Pakistan from the main issues to the non issues. The diversionary tactics which our political opponents would adopt and divert the focus of the people of Pakistan regarding its all around failure. Therefore the committee has strongly recommended that Former President Pervez Musharraf must delay his return till the cycle of change is completed to its logical end.

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