2015: APML in News

2015: Pictures from Dallas Convention

2015: Adeel Shah Speaking at APML Convention


2015: APML ALL US Chapters Convention Report

2014:  Updated from Pakistan

2013:  Pandora’s Box

2013: A National Hero Is Being Humiliated By Political Opponents, Judiciary And The Right Wing Media In Pakistan


2013: Fussy Indictment

2013: Peaceful Protest in Dallas 

2013:  Protest in Chicago

2013: Protest in Atlanta, attended by Molana Thanvi

2013:  April UN Protest 

2013: Judicial Activism by Adeel

2013:  During and After Martial Law by Adeel Shah

2013: Musharraf directs Panel of Lawyers to represent him in the Supreme Court

2012:  In Conversation with Pervez Musharraf – Aspen Ideas Festival

2012: Where are we heading? by Dr. Ashfaque H. Khan

2012:  Naeem Tahir of AMPL addresses Dallas Chapter

2012:  Quaide Watan Pervez Musharraf Ke Naam

2012:  Crisis of the Day

2012: United We Stand with the Bloch of Pakistan by Adeel Shah, US, Co-author of Sandstorm: a leaderless revolution in the digital age

2012: Pervez Musharaf Kyun?

2012: Emerging Economic Constraints by Dr. Ashfaque H. Khan

2012: Article by former President Pervez Musharraf

February/March 2012: Misperception about Exchange Rate

January 2012: Nazm 2 by Afzal Shah

December 2011: Nazm

October 2011:  Musharraf Revived Pakistan’s Economy and Reduced Poverty. (Based on an Article by Riaz Haq, reprinted with permission)

2011. Real Leadership Needed in Pakistan.  (By Adeel Shah)

2011: Nazm by Afzal Shah:  Umeed Ki Kiran 

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