UN Protest Against Judicial Activism in Pakistan

Attn: all chapter presidents

Please be informed that on Friday, APML-US protested in front of UN in NY
against the discriminatory courts order against President Musharraf. Dozens
of party members, from NY, NJ, CT, MD, PA, and DC, gathered at the venue and
recorded their protest. The event was covered by newspaper and a TV channel.
The program was organzied by the Tri-state chapter. The summary will be
posted at the apml-website shortly.

In addition, I have circulated compact emails protesting the same to and
through my contacts in Washington that includes relevant international
institutions as well.

President Musharraf is denied his rights to contest the election in Pakistan
of which he is a citizen of. More specifically his nomination papers (out of
23,000 candidates) was rejected by the returning officer. It is too obvious
that the political forces and certain quarters of establishment trying to
block him from entering into public service through the electoral process.
He seems to be a wiping-threat to incompetents and corrupts in the political
arena. The politicized election commission has set the tone to bring the
same lot back into power who have had this country in their clutches right
from its inception.

Regardless of the situation, we cannot budge on a principle fight.


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